Invest in Open Team

In every journey, perfect skills are the key to grant you the victory. Whether you are opposing a horde of alien creatures, fighting your enemies with Shoryuken strikes or leading the next startup, thanks to an equipe of experts, with Open Team you will be able to design innovative levels of business, developing high profit investment opportunities and decreasing the common “black screens” of new launched startups.

Whoever wants to explore the infinite possibilities of a startup and take to life the businesses of tomorrow is welcome on board of Open Team. We need just to share the same short but clear rules… even for a newbie.

Insert coin to play!

Set out on the project that will revolutionize the world

We involve companies to participate at the first stages, from tutorials to the main campaign, certifying the startup business model and creating the best conditions to allow acquisitions and future exits.

team of successful businessman

A cheatproff validation protocol

Each business level needs to be approved by a team of successful businessman. Utilizing safe tools, together with tried and tested methods, allow us to keep partners, knowledge and skills through time. Necessary power ups for the correct functioning of the party and to press the gas pedal of the developing stages of every single project.

We craft the equipment for success

Like each respected adventure, the tools at our disposal are key to complete a level. It’s important to create new business from scraps, investing directly into every project, to guarantee the success of the mission and don’t run out of HP.

Return in a short time, with no lag

We have created a mechanism capable of generating multiple liquidity events in the same development cycle: we aim to make your intervention effective and profitable in the shortest possible time. Our goal is to make the startup grow in a healthy way and at the same time respond clearly to investors’ quests, so as to create a virtuous cycle of level up.


Take on board in the multiplayer campaign.

Take the first step through new horizons and join an extraordinary journey. In our group you can find the best talented young professionals, businessmen and investors, a team of dreamers with their feet on the ground, ready to demolish every record and more.

Discover how to join an Open Team and show your true self.