We are innovators

We are the architects of tomorrow, adventurers for nature, level designers with a great desire to build what is missing, risking and daring if necessary, without any fear to break the game schemes.

We are innovators

We are innovators, we are pioneers, we build the future.

We believe in people and cross competences. We are convinced that innovation can be built only by developing transverse synergies. We picture our tomorrow guided by a community of dreamers with their feet on the ground, always ready to cooperate to win, with passion and ingenuity, creating what’s new.

That’s why we are innovators, that’s why Open Team it’s a groundbreaking platform.
We build teams capable of pressing down the gas pedal of renovation, giving each member the chance to express his full potential.
ATTENTION: becoming co-founder of a startup isn’t something for casual gamers. It’s a step forward for those who aspire to become the Player 1, a member of the new leadership, a reference point for a 360° innovation, from new technologies of digital economy to company.

Are you of us?

Together we will make our mark.

We desire to build a different tomorrow, where each talent can have enough space to make his work a work of art. An horizon where investors can support concrete projects, aimed at changing for the better the status quo, receiving not only an economic return, but both civil and social. Whether you are a professional, an investor or the founder of a startup: if you think you can change the world, you are welcome!

Because we are innovators and will continua to represent what’s new.

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