The rules of the Game

We are dreamers, digital explorers, modern adventurers as Link of Zelda. The secret formula of Open Team is made by experience and skill. We always aim high, building teams of young talented professionals, highly trained and capable to flank co-founders or teams already formed, to reach set goals and unlock great achievements. It’s from the union of multiple skills that we support the growth of startups, paving the way for every project. One small step for Open Team, one giant leap for your business!

Follow the map of Open Team

The instruction manual to the world of startups

In the vast open world of startups, we are pioneers and we know that every new adventure requires the right equipment. Experience, cooperation, skills and tools, together with a well thought plan, are fundamentals to move throughout the map of project phases. Open Team focuses on the necessity to address companies easily and safely through an innovation process, within the least time required. By allocating the means and redistributing skills in the most suitable way, it’s in fact possible to guard your venture from the hard challenges of the core business.

crafting process

We start identifying i the specific risk of the business.

Open Team will think about the entire crafting process: the creation, validation and development of the startup follows a customizable and shared skill tree from the initial stages, so as to gradually integrate the startup to their business development idea.

Space Invaders taught us something: big numbers do not scare us. Whether a same partner entrusts us with multiple startups to validate and develop at the same time or whether the level design challenges us with many difficulties to overcome, we at Open team are ready to embark on the next adventure.
Take a seat, grab your joystick and enjoy the journey!


Take on board in the multiplayer campaign.

Take the first step through new horizons and join an extraordinary journey. In our group you can find the best talented young professionals, businessmen and investors, a team of dreamers with their feet on the ground, ready to demolish every record and more.

Discover how to join an Open Team and show your true self.